Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Is there any truth to the belief that you should wake up on your right side?

We've all heard the term "waking up on the right side of the bed", but who knew this superstition had some scientific backing to it.

Sleep vs Wake

While it is known sleeping on your left helps with digestion the newly popular Indian Mystic Sadh Guru says waking up on your right side can make your day more pleasant.

Here’s what he had to say about The Right Side of the Bed.

“Physiologically, one important aspect of you is your heart. The pumping station for your blood circulation, which pumps life across the body - if this one thing doesn't happen, nothing happens - this starts from left side.So we told you, you know, in India they have told you, when you wake up, you must roll to your right side and get up. Have they? Left side if you roll and get up, bad things will happen to you. Did they tell you? Bad things are not about that. When you are in a certain state of relaxation, when the body is in relaxation, the metabolic activity is low. When you get up, there is a certain surge of activity. That's why they told you in India.”

Sadh Guru goes on to say rubbing your hands together wakes up the nervous system and to never sleep with your head facing north if you live in the northern hemisphere (all of us in the USA). This I did find to be scientifically proven in that the gravitational pull from the north pole can have an effect on subtle energies in the body as well as your blood flow.

All in all from his lecture I’ve learned it is best to sleep with your head facing south and wake up with your face smiling at the sun.

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