Full Moon in Taurus Reading

This full moon feels like the call of all calls to finally let go of the things we have desperately holding onto, but know that keeping them here is prolonging our elevation. There are new duties and obligations being ushered in and for many, this is the thing you have been working so hard toward. New opportunities, new relationships, a whole new set of responsibility is on the horizon. In order to be able to carry this gracefully, it is time to allow things to be revealed once and for all. What is keeping you from jumping in with both feet? What fears are you holding onto? Don’t allow your fears to ruin your foundation before you even build it. Root yourself in affirmations, and know that you are both capable and deserving. Pray for clarity. Pray for the path to reveal itself. Dig to the core of your anxieties. Look to your past as your roadmap of what has worked and what hasn’t. Tap into your growth and the potential of moving into new spaces. Clear your head so that you can move with precision. Be discerning with everything that you do at this time. Not every person has your best interest at heart. If something is being blocked, there is a divine reason for it. Anything that is exiting your life, or that you have to desire to shed in this moment is for good reason. Remove anything that doesn’t align with your vision. Move toward more supportive circles. Communicate with those that can help you along this journey and give you a boost when need be. It’s purging season love; leave nothing in your way.

Full moon on Taurus affirmations: I am capable and deserving of the blessings that are coming my way. I release any fears that are keeping me from my divine purpose. I trust in my ability to accomplish all of my dreams with grace and gratitude. I am thankful for the things that are being revealed to me, and trust that it is for my highest good.

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