Goals and Intentions

Goals are milestones that every person creates as markers of achievement. They can be big or small, pertain to all areas of life, and they can have multiple time frames, from a year, to two years, or even a goal that is lifelong.

In spirituality, we are offered the ability to infuse our spiritual practice with our goal setting, and as such, are able to recognize a few things about setting, accomplishing, and achieving goals that we aren’t necessarily able to without a spiritual practice.

Intentions and Their Meaning

Intentions are like goals, but I would consider them the thing that should come before a goal. Intentions are focused on the present. An intention can be defined by many things, but what I believe an intention to be is what a goal is infused with, like a tight and intricate braid.

Intentions are to be lived each day regardless of what your goals are. One of the main things a spiritual person would set an intention would be for abundance or prosperity for them or their family members. Another intention would be for self-love or protection for themselves or others.

Intentions are very much about how we build and maintain a relationship within ourselves and with others, because we set them within us, they can act as guidance or a compass while we go about our day to day. Often, we set an intention before we do anything spiritual, such as candle work, any divination, or even something like meditation or yoga session.

Goals Are Action Based

Goals are something that takes a certain set of work in order to achieve. They can best be described as the results that we are looking for in numerous things, such as making a certain amount of money in a year, having a project completed before a deadline, completing a piece of writing or artwork, or even joining a friend for a quick and cute Zoom Happy Hour over the weekend.

We are only really able to see our goals come to fruition based on the amount of work we put into them. Goals are generally focused on the result, though often, the journey to the end goal you’ve set for yourself is just as important and vital as achieving the goal itself. Goals are a more physical form of intention setting, with a more direct outcome, where as intentions are more metaphysical and spiritual, and can assist with mindfulness.

You Should Use Both!

Some say that goals are more important for success in life than intentions.

It is my firm belief that you cannot have goals without intention, or intention without goals.

Both are used for different aims and courses, yes, but I believe in order to achieve a goal you have to first build the relationship with yourself and others first. This is to do a few things. The first, is to ensure that the relationship you’ve built within yourself is solid.

While I believe that our desires and goals will come to us as they need to, in order to ensure that you are moving with grace, love, and responsibility to yourself and others. Intention allows us to build relationships with others, too. So, when moving toward your goal, you can ask for support and advice from those relationships as you need to.

Goals can sometimes be massive and looming, but with intentions we are able to build fortitude and strength within ourselves while we work to achieve them. With intention, we are able to use what we know, what we desire, and what we believe, to push us into action – the very action that will get us to our end result.

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