How to Cleanse Your Space

One of my favorite parts of the season is coming together in the effort to share love, food, and fun.

With that in mind, it is important to ensure that our personal, private, and spiritual spaces are cleansed properly both before and after we have guests over. Cleansing a space physically is important to raising the vibrations of your home. Here are other ways to spiritually raise vibrations and create a peaceful space for yourself, your families, and guests.


Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone. It corresponds with the third chakra and can be utilized to clear out all blockages and negative energies. It is water-soluble, meaning that it can and will dissolve in liquid, and does not need to be cleansed. It can be purchased in slabs, tumbles, sticks, or even different crystal shapes such as a heart, which can be purchased at the Melanin Mermaid shop here.

Placing selenite around the home, in heavily frequented areas such as a kitchen, living room, or dining room is a good way to clear it of negative energies or heavy vibes.

Essential Oils & Diffusers

Aromatherapy has been a holistic treatment for a long time. As it has become more popular, you are now able to go into most stores to purchase both the oil diffuser and essential oils for your home very easily. Certain essential oils have powerful healing properties such as lavender which can be used for smooth communication, frankincense and myrrh which have powerful cleansing properties, and geranium or rose essential oil, used for self-love and enhancing the love in and for others. These essential oils be mixed or used by themselves with water in your diffuser or in roller bottles placed on the skin mixed with the proper carrier oils.

Sound Therapy

Sounds can also be used to enhance the energies within a space or cleanse it. Tibetan sound bowls are often created to operate at certain frequencies to open and heal our chakras, or at Solfeggio tones – which are sounds dedicated certain actions such as releasing guilt and fear, wiping out negative energies, or elevating the frequencies of love, connections, and relationships at different soundwaves.

Now, you do not necessarily have to run out and purchase a sound bowl or tuning fork, Solfeggio tones and Tibetan sound bowl playlists can be found and downloaded on any app that allows you to download music.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is a great way to cleanse the room if you aren’t sure about purchasing crystals or dislike the strong scents that aromatherapy may have. Sea salt has been known as a natural cleanser of energies and vibrations and has often been a component in spiritual baths for it’s natural cleansing capabilities. You don’t need to take a bath in it. You can simply place sea salt in a small bowl and place it in or around the room.

You can also purchase a sea salt lamp to elevate the energy in your space, too!


Incense is a great way to purify your space before and after a gathering. Some incense naturally have antibacterial properties, such as frankincense and myrrh. Using incense to cleanse and raise energies within a space has to with a bit more intention. Most common incense sticks are long, thin, relatively inexpensive, and only good for making your space smell good.

Try to look for incense sticks that are thicker in circumference and burn them in a room that is well ventilated as the smoke can become overwhelming rather quickly.

Smudging, Palo Santo, and Sage

Smudging is probably one of the more popular ways to cleanse a space by burning herbs and plants such as palo santo and sage. You can also smudge using other plants such as cedarwood, bay leaf, juniper wood, or rosemary.

Palo Santo and Sage are plants that have been used by indigenous cultures since their existence.

First, as the popularity and importance of holistic and spiritual health and wellness has risen, the foraging of these two plants has left the cultures who have utilized them for their own personal and powerful spiritual practices has left the areas in which some species of the plants grow threatened.

Second, palo santo and sage are said to be tools for cleansing a space and protecting a space, person, or spirit. When we utilize certain tools, processes, or plants without knowledge or respect to its original use or context it can undermine and go against what the original importance behind its uses in a spiritual practice.

Third, if palo santo and sage are what you choose to cleanse your space spiritually and energetically, wouldn’t you want to be the one that personally selects them? I know that not many of us have the option or space to grow sage or find the palo santo tree, but if you choose to do so, be mindful of what species of palo santo and sage you are purchasing and where the seller has acquired or harvested the herbs. Here is an excellent video for reference.

That being said, we do offer bundles of carefully curated sage and palo santo in the Melanin Mermaid shop for purchase!

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