Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Not all crystals are made the same! Lets talk about which ones will help put you on the right frequency to recieve some coinz!

If you're like me then you follow grandma's advise of never leaving your purse on the floor and never walking over loose change. Well, what if I told you there was something else you could do to ensure your dollars are flowing back into your wallet faster than its going out.

Here are the #Crystals to keep near your money, honey!

Tigers Eye

this special crystal holds powerful transforming energy. So, it can transform any financial difficulties in your life. It also fills you with courage to make the chances needed for abundance to manifest in your life

tigers eye


it is used for centuries as a luck bringing crystal. Jade brings fruitfulness and abundance to your work. It also fills you with wisdom in handling and multiplying your money. It is also a great healing stone. Which also brings good fortune. Melanin Mermaid Mystic Shop carries authentic #jade bangles and rings.

jade bangle


Often called Fool's Gold because of its gold coloring

One of the most popular crystals for prosperity, pyrite grounds you and repairs your financial levels from scratch. Best for students and adults starting out on money stone crystals, pyrite gemstone attracts wealth your way.

Pyrite is one of the best abundance stones that will regain your financial balance so that you can start your creative journey. It protects you against debt and keeps attracts prosperity using the energies of the third eye chakra.



it is a beautiful and powerful green crystal. It brings wealth and financial stability. Peridot resonates with increasing and fruitfulness. Therefore, it is useful in increasing your wealth.


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Good luck!

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