Updated: Oct 10, 2019

And are people who believe in it Crazy, Childish or beyond their time?


This word alone has caused me to lose friends, had guys question if I'd bewitched them and most definitely had people thinking I was a nut. When the topic of spirituality comes up and I mention magic the looks I get are so hilarious and I always know what the follow up questions will be. Something like “Well do you believe in Jesus?” or “Do you mean like black magic? Are you a witch?” I’ve worked at a nursing home so I’ve been called a lot worst and “witch” doesn’t really rub me as bad as others. However I’m amazed at how judgmental and presumptuous many religious people can be due to one word. So let’s talk about it.

Raised Baptist, my core beliefs are more Christian than anything else. However, being that I strongly believe a relationship with God is a personal one, with an individual journey specific to that one person, I do think that there are multiple ways and roads to reach Source. I do not watch TV. Like at all. I read in my free time and never fiction. Most of my books are spiritual, health and wellness books, as I am a seeker at heart and love to learn new things. I’ve read books focusing on a variety of different kinds of beliefs. Like, Alter of My Soul by Marta Moreno Vega, about the Santeria religion or The Union of Isis and Thoth by Normandi Ellis and Nicki Sculy that focuses on ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses as being constant guides for us. One of my favorites though is Fasting by Jentezen Franklin which is a Christian guide to the idea that through fasting you can receive break throughs in your life. While, all of those books are very different they all seem to point to the fact that humans can possess unnatural powers, whether it be through faith, through guidance or through ritual.

Through the media’s portrayal of anything other than Christianity being demonic, we have come to believe magic and personal power is something you must sell your soul for. While on the contrary, I have come to believe through personal study and inner work that we all possess magic. We only need look within to access it. So for once and for all lets deem magic a Beautiful instead of Bad word.

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