Leaning into Your Mantra

Catchy Spiritual Sayings

When times are good and when things are fairly bright, it’s easy to utilize what I like to call the ‘isms’.

All of those catchy sayings or mantras that we see in memes, on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds. Those pictures in our Spiritual Groups or that come through via email. The terms that say “Ground and Center”, or “Get into alignment”, or “Let go what does not serve you”. These are the things that are suggested to us to use when we’re weathering through the storm, the hard times, the stress, or the big issues.

We have probably posted these time and time again, in the hopes that we and others will remember them when times get tough as they almost inevitably do.

What Do You Remember in the Heat of the Moment?

What do you recall when things get difficult for you?

How often do we use them or remember wise mantras?

In the thick of an argument, the death of a loved one, a difficulty we may be suffering, or when we are truly put to the test, how often do we remember those things we’ve seen scrolling through social media?

What I do know is that sometimes things stick during a spiritual journey and sometimes things do not. In the heat of the moment, I find that what you need to remember can be easily called upon in order to get yourself centered. Certain mantras are easier to remember in a few words rather than the typed captions or things screenshot from a meme.

I always make an attempt to formulate a mantra that can easily be picked up when my emotions are riding high and I am having trouble focusing in an effort to get through what may be difficult to handle. I normally go to two different ones. My first mantra is, “I am okay”. I use this to let myself, my body, and my spirit know that what I am going through is temporary, and I can make it through something hard. My second mantra is: “My feelings are valid,” because I often tend to invalidate, minimize, or brush off my feelings about things to make them seem less serious to me than they are. This mantra helps me clear my initial emotional reactions so I can clearly see what needs to be addressed right then and there and what does not.

Find One Word, Action, or Phrase

Recently, during one of the more stressful times in my life, it was easier for me to call upon my go-to mantras to keep me grounded and centered. I also, very much, needed to focus on my breathing. Breathing techniques are always helpful no matter what is going on. However, when I am scrambling to control myself in a situation where I control little, focusing on my breath can carry me through to the next stressful situation which followed soon after.

We can post and repost every thoughtful spiritual quote, action, and adage that they see, but it is difficult to remember the hundreds of things we see in a day. Finding one action, one quote, word, or phrase, that resonates with you is so important on a spiritual journey. Life is already overwhelming enough; it is almost too much to remember what you’re seeing on a day to day basis. Hence why picking a personal mantra is important.

We pick up mantras, behaviors, and beliefs through those difficult experiences often. It is important to remember that the only thing we can normally control is our reactions during a stressful event, and that we learn about ourselves during those events.

A simple reminder to “Breathe”, or an “I’m okay”, are the difference between a positive or negative reaction from you. The lessons that you learn, and what you absorb via social media aren’t the only tools you have at your disposal when you’re in the thick of things!

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