Manifesting Your New Year

The year of 2021 is finally upon us after a tumultuous 2020, and I’m sure many of you could not be happier to get the new year started. Though, there are some of us who might be filled with a bit of trepidation. We’re looking at a clean slate and desiring to put our best food forward, but how? There were plenty of new starts that we’d meant to start January of this year, but with so many things changing, it may have been difficult to keep up with those changes, let alone the ones we were desiring to make for ourselves. So, here are a few tips and tools to help with manifesting our goals, desires, and best selves for the new year!

Write Your Goals Down

Lots of us start with goals without writing them down, which is to our detriment. Of course, we hold our desires in our head, but writing them down both actualizes the goal and makes it real, it makes it tangible.

Be Specific

You want to learn how to knit? Okay, great. What do you want to learn how to knit? What tools do you need? What project shave you seen that you want to complete? When do you want to complete those projects? Who do you want to give the project to? Why do you desire to knit? Those are all things that you should have that are pieced together with your goal, and now that you have all of those specifics, you’ll be able to break down the goal and know when you’ve achieved some or all of it!

Be Patient – Stop Thinking About It

I know this sounds redundant, it’s a goal! You’re supposed to be focusing on it, right? Not really. When you focus on it, you may find that you’re getting anxious about it, shifting your goals to suit where you are in the moment, instead of shifting to focus on the tasks to achieve said goal. Once you’ve written it down, you must release it and move accordingly while keeping in mind the choices and actions that need to be made in order to gain the goal. This is, in my opinion, the most difficult portion of manifesting. You must separate yourself once you’ve written it down and release.

Be Grateful

Part of what might keep us from our goals is that we may have a difficult time realizing that we’re perfectly okay with what we have currently. Being grateful for what we do have in this moment both inside and outside of us will allow is to be grateful when the goal does come true for us and become our reality. Using gratitude, and essentially moving as if the goal may not come to fruition for us, will also help us with releasing and accepting the goal as it may come to us. Meaning, you may not learn how to knit that specific project, but you may have learned how to make a scarf and socks!

Use Your Tools

Here are some crystals that can be used to help manifest your goal, whatever those may be. Any crystals that correlate with the crown chakra will be able to help with manifesting your goals. Those crystals can be clear or lemurian quartz, amethyst, selenite, or moldavite. You can wear them or hold them when writing down your goals and set your goal beneath it on your altar or in your sacred space! With that being said, with all these tips and trips, you’re set to manifest all your goals for 2021!

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