Updated: Oct 11, 2019

No, I’m not talking about a place out back to sacrifice a ram in the bush. I’m talking about a sacred space for you to fill with what means most to you, aided by natural elements and high vibrating divination tools.

I know once you become indoctrinated into a certain religion there are protocols you must follow when creating an altar. If you are like me and more spiritual then religious and still want a scared space of your own, there are still a few must have you should include.

Include all 4 Elements

You place of prayer and mediation should include all 4 elements. Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

These energies bring the power of the Universe to your bedroom. Everything including our body is made up of these elements. Combined, they represent all of the zodiac, bringing everything full circle. This creates an instant harmony in your space.

I’ve listed below an example you might use for each, but feel free to improvise if you do not have the tools on hand or visit Melanin Mermaid Mystic Shop to get what you need.

Air: feather, diffuser

Water: pitcher of water, vase with flowers

Fire: candle, Incense

Earth: plant (please just get a plant! Every house needs one, trust me on this!)

Engage the 5 Senses Its important to engage the #senses when doing spiritual work. Use bells or sound bowls for sound, Incense or sage to activate smell and if you are honoring your #ancestors you could incorporate #libations or a fabric that they once owned to cover taste and touch


Many people also add photos of religious figures such as Christ or Buddha. It is also common to place photos of your ancestors, angels, or spirit animal that you feel guide and assist you.


Your altar is a great place to charge your crystals. When doing crystal energy healing and work, you may not be using all the crystals you have at one time. Leave the other crystals on your altar to soak up the sun and moon energy while also keeping your other divination tools virbating high.

In all this, know that these are just tools that reinforce and activate what is already inside you. There is no better designed altar than the one your spirit is traveling right now. God created you with everything you need. Take care of your mental, physical and emotional state as you would any altar.


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