New Moon In Leo Reading

As the August new moon grants us with her presence and newness, our call to action lies in the heart of our passions. As you are manifesting new blessings to make their way into your life, take a moment to ask yourself what it is that you want to bring forth into the world. Divine journeys are all about keeping your faith, and remaining patient as you let things unfold naturally. You’re not going to see it all unfold over night, and that is the beauty of growing through your journey, and not going through it. Keep your faith, and confidence as you affirm that you are truly walking in your purpose. With time, comes the experience that will allow to to be the expert of your path and in turn allow you to reach back and lift up others. Soak up knowledge, ask questions, and take full charge of your goals by releasing expectations on how your progress should look. Take this time to restore the balance in your life. By keeping your emotions level, you are able to fully thrive without doubt, or fear plaguing your mind, and have a clear vision on your next steps. As you usher new things in, know when to move away from the things and relationships that have served their purpose. You are elevating, and although you cannot take everything and everyone with you, allow yourself to appreciate the lessons learned, and the progress made. Separation is never a bad thing, it just means that you have moved into new spaces. Allow yourself to soar love, the open skies were made for your growth and expansion to fly freely 

New Moon Affirmations:  I release all expectations, and trust that all things happen in divine timing.  I appreciate where I have been, and look forward to where I am going.  I welcome new blessings into my life, and I thank the universe in advance. 

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