New Moon in Libra Reading

This new moon is going to bring a beautiful amount of new energy and blessings our way. Around this time you may be called to move more inward and spend some time to yourself. Allow yourself to rest, because things are going to pick up for you! With meditation, and reflection also brings emotional cleansing and clarity. Let the call to action move through you, but don’t rush or force it love. Purge and ride the wave of your emotions. This is the time to kill your ego, as well as release control. Trust in your process. New love, new financial opportunities, new ideas, new spiritual gifts, the list is ENDLESS, and so is your potential! Many of us are going to be feeling emotional, tired, and slightly out of sorts. Lean into those feelings. You are creating a fresh slate for yourself. Take stock of where you have been,

so that you can create more healthy behaviors for yourself that will lead to your successes. Know that you deserve and are prepared for everything coming your way. Ask and you shall receive. Be intentional with your manifestations, and speak from your gut. Write it down, speak it aloud, and envision it love. The world is your oyster; allow it to be handed to you on a silver platter. Take care of self, and spirit will take care of you.

Alexa play “Blessings on Blessings by Oshun”


I deserve the abundance that is coming my way.

I attract love, success and stability.

I have a healthy balance between my thoughts and my feelings.

Every emotion that I feel is valid and deserves to be acknowledged and explored.

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