New Moon In Virgo Reading

Have you been listening to the messages from spirit lately? Many of you are receiving angel numbers, dreams, and happenings in your life that are trying to deliver you a powerful message. For this new moon cycle, its time to shift our manifestations and focus from material things, and focus inwardly. The call to action is here. Now what are you going to do with it? Ascension is among us loves. Focus on your spiritual health and learn to trust yourself. You aren’t thinking things for no reason. You didn’t see that message for no reason. If you don’t already, start a dream journal. Fast for clarity when you can. Meditate. Ground. Get in tune with nature. Spend just as much time in moonlight as you may in the sun if you can. Mother Earth wants to bond with us. Spirit is going to start causing major shifts around us. Surrender to the divine plan. Elevate your thinking and watch your abundance flow effortlessly. You’re going to start seeing things in a different light. Don’t be afraid of this period of second guessing and re-evaluation. Trust your spirit, open your heart and love freely. Release the expectation of getting things in return from the people around you. Spirit has you covered a million times over. This is the time for your power to grow. Connect with your soul, and watch every thing else flow.

New Moon in Virgo Affirmations: 

I surrender to the divine plan placed upon my life. 

I am deeply intuitive and connected with spirit. 

I trust in my intuition. 

I love freely, and know that goodness will come back to me tenfold. 

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