Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Grab your journal, crystals and incense cause the moon is on your side

Unlike New Moons, where we would use mental tools like visualization, under the Full Moons energy we use the tool of reflection. This is a time to release what no longer serves us and change course. It's a time to reflect on lessons and blessings that came in the past cycle and move forward with what we feel needs to be carried into the next. The moon becomes full when the Sun is precisely opposite to it. This allows us to see things clearly and really see the bigger picture.

Use this ritual guide to enhance your practice.


Pay attention to what sign the full moon falls under this month. The attributes and traits of that specific sign will be heightened due to the Full Moon. If you are not familiar with the sign, research it and see how it applies to your life and circumstance going forward into the moon cycle.

For example if the Full Moon is in the practical yet sometimes stubborn sign of Capricorn I know this is a time to remain grounded (Earth sign), use the discipline of Capricorn energy to get my finances in order and try to remain open to new ideas and people. This could aide me in business and relationships


Whether you only have time to smudge with #sage or have the luxury of taking an hour-long #spiritualbath, I highly advise cleansing your space, aura and body. This could be as simple as using Melanin Mermaid’s ritual oils or soaps in the shower, smudging with our sage or dabbing some #Floridawater on your wrist and temples. The point is to rid yourself of any energy you do not want to carry with you into the coming moon cycle. There may be some things that are not aligned with what you intend to manifest; get them off of you before you begin the next steps.


Be the author of your own story. Use your #journal to write a letter to your future self and the universe with all you plan to accomplish in the next 30 days.

& since gratitude has been known to be a catalyst of manifesting, go ahead and make a list of 7 things you are grateful for.

Charge Your Crystals

Lastly don't forget to lay those crystals out on the windowsill so they can soak up all that moon energy. If you are wondering which crystals correspond to the full moon at the time of your ritual, just stop by the Melanin Mermaid Mystic Shop for that and more.

Good luck!

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