Preparing For Fall

The changing of seasons is symbolic in the spiritual community, from Winter to Spring, and most recently Summer to Fall. The change in seasons is a physical representation that our world is physically changing, and that we are but moving along with it. However, this does not mean that we are simply meant go with the flow. There are ways to prepare for the chance of seasons spiritually, as there are definitive things that we should do in order to better be prepared for and address with the recent shift from Summer to Fall.

Mabon and Its Meaning

Mabon, is a pagan holiday and one of eight Wiccan sabbats that are celebrated during the year. It celebrates the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and it began Monday September 21st and ends Tuesday September 29th of this year. Mabon was typically done to celebrate the fruits of our labor, and occurred at the height of harvest season, and was able to provide a rest after spending all day in the fields after such labors.

Modern Mabon and Fall Celebrations

Mabon can be celebrated by updating the altar with warm autumn colors, such as golds, browns, and deep reds. A modern witch can also have a feast with root vegetables that are now in season such as onions, potatoes, and carrots. If you do Spell work, spells related to protection and security are now something that would be appropriate.

There are plenty of other easy things to do to celebrate Mabon, especially if you are unable to update your altar or have one due to space limitations.

Cleaning your house to remove stagnant energies is a big deal during the shift in seasons as it is a good way to remove stagnant or negative energies. You can do some writing exercises, such as jotting down all blessings or lessons from the past year, forgiveness letters, or gratitude letters to your Ancestral Helping Spirts.

A Shift in Crystal Energy

Some of us don’t identify as Wiccan in our spiritual practices, and that’s okay! We may not celebrate Mabon traditionally, but we can still shift our altars and spiritual spaces to suit the shifting of seasons and weather which is good practice to keep energy flowing.

A good tip is to shift the color of the crystals that you may have on your altar or around your home to match the colors of Autumn and intention. During the cooler months we may prefer crystals such as Hematite for grounding, Citrine for abundance, Smokey Quartz for releasing old and blocked energy, Mahogany Obsidian for physical energy and strength, and Tigers Eye for mental clarity and fear and anxiety. As the seasons change, and issues like Seasonal Affective Disorder become prominent, a shift in crystal energies can allow stagnant energy to flow easier.

Falling for Meditations

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a sort of depression that happens as the seasons change, usually during Fall and Winter when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Of course, anything that deals with mental health issues and mood disorders should be addressed by a medical professional.

There are guided meditations specifically for the fall and the dip in mood that may occur during this season change. There are also meditations that focus on the certain intentions you may want to set during the Fall, such as abundance, letting go of old energies or thought processes, and reaping any spiritual seeds that were sewn during the Spring and Summer months.

What ways are you preparing and celebrating the change of seasons from Summer to Fall?

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