Spiritual Growth – How It Changes Us

Spiritual Growth at first seems like this unobtainable ideal or travel destination.

It seems like this ongoing drudge of a journey that can be equal parts confusing, and enriching.

The question I consistently ask myself is…where? Where is this spiritual growth? Am I growing? When will it end? How far along am I on this journey?

Do those thoughts sound familiar? Have you had some that are similar?

If you aren’t thinking of it now, I’m fairly certain you’ve thought of it, wondered over it, and ruminated over it in some way, shape, or form at some point during your journey.

The answer, funnily enough, is that there really is no true destination. You are always learning, always soaking up information, shedding old behaviors, and utilizing new tools that serve you and your highest good every day and every moment.

The More We Work; The More We Grow

That is both the great and terrible thing about spiritual growth. The more we work through our generational and womb traumas, the more we recognize greatness and toxicity within ourselves and others, the more we disconnect from the things that do not serve us and connect to things that do, we move further along towards Spiritual Evolution and Growth. The only true measure that we are moving, growing, and the only true comparison that we have, is by looking at who we were yesterday, last month, last year.

We are always changing, moving ever forward with each decision, each step, each lesson we absorb or negative action refute. That growth is the measure we use to see how we’ve changed, it’s the pin on the map we review as we pass each destination.

Look Back at the Ways You’ve Healed

That may seem discouraging. It discourages me at least once or twice a week. However, I know that the person I was last month would not have been able to handle the very things that are thrown on my plate this month. I look back at all the ways I have healed, all of the things I am able to recover from through as much grace and effort as I can maintain. I am sure that if you are reading this, you can say the same.

As we grow, Spiritually or otherwise, we outgrow those old behaviors, we outgrow all of the things that we thought were perfect for us in the past. In hindsight, while we are armed with that growth, we now have the rose-tinted glasses off long enough to know that some of the things that were “perfect” may have things we merely settled for. As we evolve and grow, we know that that is okay, but that sort of behavior does not serve us now. Those things that we still carry with us, those positives and negatives, those shadows within us that we still hold and have slowly come to accept, are what we use to move past and through the next lesson.

Negative Feelings are Natural – And We Don’t Have to Linger in Them

Discouragement, frustration, just overall being fed up is natural. In fact, I would be concerned if you, or I weren’t feeling any negative emotions about all that we’re going through and all that we’re struggling with. The trick, the caveat, and the best part about it, all infused into one, is that with the way that we are all growing and evolving spiritually, is that we know how to handle it. Now, with all of the things that we are learning and growing through, we recognize that we do not have to linger within those negative feelings.

We can reach out to our collective support systems, we can utilize the healing methods and tools we have at our disposal, that can be anything from listening to music, meditating, or working with any divination tools to find the message in the situation, or simply acknowledging that you are tired, and giving yourself a little love.

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