Spiritual Slump

It’s natural during this time of year to feel burnt out, with the abundance of the holidays, gift shopping, the travel (or lack thereof), and just taking the time to decompress from a stressful year, it is common to let important things in your spiritual routine fall to the wayside. What’s important is to one, not to shame yourself or make yourself feel bad for forgetting your daily meditations, your weekly pulls, and for being out of sorts. Two, it’s very important to remember that it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, a lazy person, or a person who isn’t spiritual. It means that you’re human. Finally, three, there is always room to grow and learn, and start again!

Here are a few tips and shifts to help get you out of your spiritual slump.


Take a look at the things you are doing for your self-care. Are you doing any self-care? If not, now’s a good time to start. What does your skincare routine like? Are you getting enough sleep? How often are you looking at your phone during the day, or when you get up first thing in the morning or right before you go to sleep? Examining what we are doing to take care of ourselves and then taking action to do so is the first thing that can be done to get yourself out of a spiritual slump.

Shift Your Routine

Are you doing your pulls primarily in the morning? Meditations in the afternoon? Could those times be changed to the evening? Or, could you shorten the meditation and skip the pulls? Either way, shifting around your routine, adding things that work and removing things that don’t, or simply trying something new is a great way to get someone out of a spiritual slump!

Go Outside

If you are cooped up inside, a change of scenery can definitely help, even taking parts of your routine to the balcony or the park can be helpful when attempting to infuse some new energy into your spiritual routine. This might not be feasible depending on what lockdown and social distancing procedures are happening in your local or state government, but if you are able to, just getting outside for a few hours during the day and shift your scene and perspective, and including some of your spiritual routine into your time outside might help!

Grant Yourself Space for Grace and Permission to Rest

Ultimately, some of these things may not be feasible, and you may be trying your best. All of that is perfectly fine, but an attempt to change your mindset from frustration at your lack of routine, to gratitude that you have a routine can be helpful. If we allow ourselves to give ourselves space for imperfection, for being in the slump, and for taking some time away from being spiritual to get back to being human, you may find that time gives you the energy you need to put some energy back into your spiritual routine!

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