Spirituality in Isolation

When I woke up January 1st, 2020, I didn’t think that I would have to consider myself in a state of isolation.

No one did.

Now that isolation, distancing, and solitude is the new normal, we have had to come up with new ways to do the things that we’ve always done in order to protect ourselves and our families during a time when everything feels and is uncertain. No one thought that one of those things would also be exploring and expanding upon spirituality.

To me, spirituality has been a tool to connect with self, with my Higher Power, and with others who are searching for a better understanding of the bigger picture.

It is normal during long durations of time in a spiritual journey, to feel lost, out of sorts, and confused. It is normal to wonder what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, if it is even helping, or if it is even worth it.

Journey in Spirituality

A journey in spirituality, in and of itself, is already difficult. It can isolate you from those who do not understand, those who choose to remain ignorant to what you’re trying to do, and those who simply choose to understand that bigger picture differently than you. It is isolating because it means changing your entire belief pattern and system. It uproots you from a normal routine, and depending on what you discern on your journey, to eschew that routine all together.

If you are doing shadow work, it means taking accountability in situations that you created. If you are meditating, doing candle work, burning incense, needing a crystal to focus on a specific chakra, then you now need to figure out a way to order those tools and resources without going outside, especially if those tools are necessary to your spiritual practice. Now that your yoga studio has shut down, or the place where you go to purchase ethically sourced crystals has closed, what can you do and where can you go now?

Those are all the thoughts going through my head now more than ever, despite my spiritual journey starting in 2019. I am sure they’re going through other people’s heads, too.

You Don't Have To Be In The Dark

Through the spiritual journey, whether one is in isolation or not can be an isolating one, there are numerous communities where you can talk and discuss shared situations, new routines, frustrations, and even vent about the things you do not understand about your spirituality and be understood! One does not have to explore their spirituality alone. That is perhaps the most important aspect of spirituality. Everyone’s journey or experience with spirituality is different, but by sharing our experiences through online communities, group chats, video conferences and what have you, there is a way to expand your network and gain the support that is needed during a time when little is understood.

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