Tarot Decks – How to Choose the Best Deck for You!

For Starters

If you are just starting out with divination and choosing Tarot Reading as your tool of choice, it can be daunting trying to fight the right deck for you to use to do your readings. Here’s a bit of a guide to help with making the best choice for you!

Reading for Yourself or Others?

The first thing to decide is whether you will be doing readings for yourself or others. If doing readings for yourself, the preference may be to pick more simplistic imagery, as more elaborate details can confuse you or your client. It can be difficult to make the selection between one deck or another, so I strongly suggest when you are looking, you go with the deck that has the imagery that strikes you the most, and then dig into the different cards within that deck.


When first searching for a deck you like, you might be inundated with tarot cards full of everything from reimagined African-American characters from Avatar the Last Airbender, characters from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, notable women in history, mixed media representations of each Major and Minor Arcana, to polaroid pictures of the deck creators travels. Each deck holds something special within it, and it’s up to you to make that selection.

All cards correspond with specific zodiac signs within the Tarot deck, I would look for the major arcana card that corresponds with your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign. For Scorpios, that would be the Death card. Take a look at it and ask yourself a few questions. Does the card make you comfortable or uncomfortable? What colors does it have and do those colors mean anything to you? Do you simply like the motion of the characters within the card?

If you have done readings before, even just a few, you may have found that some of the minor arcana cards have appeared for you in those readings. Even if you haven’t, if you’ve written down in a journal what those cards are, take a look at them. A common minor arcana card for me was the ten of swords, which is a disturbing card to pull, but to me it meant that a difficult and painful situation was coming to its end. For difficult cards you may have pulled, peek at how those cards look and what emotions that illicit within you.

Sharp Dressed Suit

The standard suits in the Minor Arcana are Cups or Chalices, Swords, Wands, and Coins, but other deck creators and authors may use something different. If you aren’t attacked to those suits, pick a deck that has Suits that you identify with. Some creators may have weaved the cards into a themed story and are thus using items in the suit that identify with that story. Some use themes based on emotions; some actually use the elements themselves as the suits for the Minor Arcana. Whatever the suit may be, it’s important to note how each suit is represented in the deck you select for yourself, keep in mind that correlating each suit with its representation with the deck can mean an easily understandable reading and a better connection.

The Deck’s Creator

With a big push for buying from small, woman, and minority owned business, it may be a good idea to check out indie (independent) decks not wildly available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or other larger sellers. There are plenty of one person shows, utilizing crowdfunding mediums such as Kickstarter to get their decks from their minds and imagination to your hands, all while providing things like altar cloths, pins, prints, and other gifts to incentivize your purchase to them. Purchasing a deck from a creative you’ve followed on Instagram for years, who you have a friendly connection with, or someone who

Deck Representation

A big criticism of some decks is a lack of representation of people of color, people with disabilities, different body types, genders, or sexualities. With some decks, the criticism may not be relevant, some decks only have animal figures on the cards, but if having good representation of these differing types of beautiful humans is important to your deck choice, then that’s another way to select the deck that may work best for you. Often, seeing ourselves in the cards that we pull can mean we maintain a stronger connection with the messages the cards are giving us!

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