When Spirit Speaks

Spirit Will Give You Everything You Desire

Let’s have a conversation about Spirit. It can be deciphered or described as the Higher Power. Some people can indicate this as God, Great Spirit depending on your spiritual practice. Ultimately, Spirit wants and will give you everything you desire, as long as you are willing to do the work. The work, is also a vague term. I believe the work means dedication and consistency to your chosen spiritual practice, helping others if and when you can, honoring yourself when you cannot, working through trauma, and seeking help when you need. I believe that the “work” differs from person to person, and I believe that integrating what your work is into your day to day is essential to honoring Spirit.

I believe that Spirit talks to us in different ways. It gives us Angel Numbers, 333, and 111, and 000, and all those specific series of numbers can mean different things based on what members of the Spiritual Community indicate. It is important to be mindful of what your thoughts are when encountering those numbers, as they can confirm what you are thinking, feeling, hoping, working through, or desiring within that moment. It can speak to us often in the ways in which we receive information best.

Some people receive their messages through dreams, which can be deciphered using code. Some people can receive those messages in Angel Numbers, which are three and four digit sets of numbers such as 333, 111, and 1111.

Those numbers correlate directly with what you may be thinking or feeling in that moment.

Spirit can speak to us using our divination tools, tarot, reading candle flames or smoke, oracle decks, numerology, astrology, pendulums, or stream of consciousness writing. However, those means of divination can take practice to be able to sort out and understand the messages being received.

Pay Attention and Move

I believe that Spirit speaks to us in order to get us aligned, to get us to pay attention, to get us to move.

Sometimes, more often than not, we are not paying attention, and Spirit can speak up louder, it can shake us through certain events, coincidences, or actions that can be confusing and unrelated at first, but if you focus on them, they all link together inexplicably.

This post is equal parts identifying how Spirit speaks to you and some things you can do when it’s getting too loud that it bridges to an area of confusion and frustration.

Messages Meant to Gently Nudge, Point, or Direct

Our Higher Power, Spirit or what have you, only wants what serves us, and brings us to our greater good. It desires what we desire, and to give us more and more of what we desire.

Those messages are meant to gently nudge, point, or direct. However, when we don’t listen, it will push, shove, and pull. There are many things that I should have done this year to allow Spirit to guide me gently, but I and a lot of other people I know, can be hardheaded. We believe that we know what’s best for us, and in most cases, we do, but often our choices and thoughts do not reflect that.

We are often also afraid. Change can be unnatural and scary, and fear of change is a natural reaction to it. However, fear of change doesn’t stop it from happening. Acknowledging your fears, even identifying their source, and moving forward anyway is the best way to handle fear in the face of change and what Spirit wants for you.

Meditations, stillness, mindfulness, can be buzzwords in the spiritual community, but these are the ways we can decipher, understand, and hopefully move in the direction that Spirit is urging us.

Be Gentle With Yourself

Those movements may not make sense to us. They may probably make even less sense to others.

That’s okay, we are only looking at one small piece of a completed puzzle we can’t see and others can see even less. Don’t let the receipt of messages from Spirit, your misinterpretation of the messages or the sometimes fact that you are willfully ignoring them be a discouragement to you. I’ll leave you with the reminder, as I am often reminded, to be gentle with yourself.

This is a difficult process for anyone to go through, and the only way out of it is through it.

Be gentle with yourself.

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