Call your innocence back to you! So many times as a woman, through the hardships and traumas in life we become emotionally jaded and fatigued. Cleanse that energy off of you and renew with our Innocence Ritual Oil. Olive and jojoba oil Infused with the purest essential oils, clear Quartz crystals, baby’s breath and gold flakes made with intention specifically to bring you back to You! 

Rid yourself of shame and guilt from past mistakes and live joyfully in the lessons not in The pain.


For generations of magic makers, anointing and ritual oils have been used to turn a normal object (or person) into something more sacred.

Knowing that you could use your oil on anything that needs a touch of magic (assuming the oil won’t damage it).

You can anoint (dab a touch of oil onto):

Candles (don’t get oil on the wick)
Crystals and other stones
Altar tools like vases, bowls, or incense burners
Jewelry and other talismans
Photos of your intention or vision boards
You can also dab a bit of oil on your wrists and neck before ritual or your morning meditation. Make sure to check the ingredients. Cinnamon oil and citrus oils can burn your skin in large amounts.

Anxious about work or paying bills? Dab a bit of Prosperity Oil around your workspace or on a paper bill that you’re about to pay online. Going out on a hot date? Love Oil on your wrists and behind your ears can help draw in the one you love. 


Candle magic is a type of ritual performed throughout many folk magic and occult traditions using candles, oils, herbs, and other materials for magic and manifestation.

Fire is one of the more transformative elements, changing solids to liquid, gas, steam or ash, providing warmth, and transforming raw foods into cooked creations. So it makes sense to use fire (candle flames) to transform dreams and wishes into reality.

I first got into anointing and ritual oils because of candle magic.

Many candle magic spells call for a totally separate ritual to create the anointing oil, so I would find myself putting a ton of time into the oil before I could even start the spell. And since many oils call for a number of ingredients, I decided just to start making and selling the oils myself.

“Innocence” Ritual Oil